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The Farm Houses
Nirvana Farms redefines the concept of farm houses. In their own unique way, the farm houses are a combination of open & semi open areas. An aesthetically elevated open deck presents an elegant view of the very private farm plot. The roof is pyramid styled which is both rustic in fashion and complying to Vaastu norms enhancing positive energy. Secondly the styling of the roof doesn’t hold back the monsoon waters but allows a gentle flow down. Thoughtful planning and designing techniques make these farm houses, compact yet luxurious. They are provided with a kitchenette that comes with a store room where all the farm related tools can be stored for immediate requirement. The same kitchenette also paves the way to a dry balcony. The rooms within are positioned favourably for prosperity and positive vibes. Considering the Vaastu angle; plot entrance, bathrooms, water bodies and kitchenette have been positioned accordingly. All the farm houses are Vaastu Shastra compliant and ensure a zestful lifestyle.
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